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Our team warmly welcomes new children and their families to Learning Unlimited Childcare. We have a multi cultural childcare with children from New Zealand and many other parts of the world. Children are welcomed at the childcare as part of our 'childcare family'.

Our mission is to provide outstanding childcare which nurtures and realises the potential within each child.


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Learning Unlimited Childcare is a well established Learning Centre in Northcote that has been operating for many years. We specialise in the transition to school and for children to have fun. As teachers we are committed and passionate about our programme as we observe children who leave our centre with excellent holistic development which is a great foundation for their first day at school. This development focuses on their EQ (emotional development) and children who have dispositions to persevere and to listen and learn. This has been acknowledged by schools that we feed our children in to , and our literacy and numeracy programmes provide children with a foundation for lifelong confidence and ability.


It is important in order to be able to achieve these goals that we communicate effectively with parents and to do this we have a parents forum on the website. Here we post announcements and  relevant information for parents and we also encourage parent feedback through the forum which is achieved by parents logging in to the forum section. Parents can also access their child's monthly learning story from the website again by logging in.


We have an open door policy that we are happy for you to come into our centre to experience what we have to offer. We encourage you to visit other centres and then to choose what suits your families needs.


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